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A Series Overview of Elle Thorne's Shifter Forever Worlds series!

Let’s explore Elle Thorne’s Shifter Forever Worlds universe together. Ten series. 49 books. One universe.


I’ve been pretty busy with revamping Infinitely Chelle that I haven’t read as much as I want to. I only read 2 books in April. So for March, I want some shorter reads.

Shifters Forever Worlds by Elle Thorne

What better way to do that than continue with Elle Thorne’s Shifters Forever Worlds series! I really enjoyed series one – Shifters Forever – and you can read my review of that here. If the rest of the Shifters Forever Worlds series is just like Shifters Forever…. then *chef’s kiss*



But before jumping into series two, I wanted to write this little overview of the the Shifters Forever Worlds universe. Just as much as this is for you, my readers – it’s also for me. Almost like a reading guide… so no, there won’t be any spoilers. I’ll also be updating this post everytime I finish one of the series.


Why am I writing this when you can find the same information on the internet? When I was searching up the Shifters Forever Worlds series, I would get confused on the reading order. Amazon organizes the series in order of its publication, right? So with the Shifters Forever Worlds series, Amazon has them listed per book – it’s how I know there’s 47 books in the series. However, when you look up the boxsets of the series, it’s not in the same order. 


I also used Elle Thorne’s official website to determine the reading order. If it weren’t for her website, I would’ve completely missed the tenth series: Finally After Dark! Why? Because Finally After Dark doesn’t come in a boxset yet! The latest book of the series was just published in November of 2022! 


So I just wanted to compile this reading order for the series in the way that makes sense in my head.

Shifters Forever by Elle Thorne

Series 1: Shifters Forever

Location: Bear Canyon Valley

Shifters:  grizzly bear



My summary:

Six bear shifters from Bear Canyon Valley and their mates!

Always After Dark by Elle Thorne

Series 2: Always After Dark

Location: Dallas, Texas

Shifters: white tigers

Family: Tiero

Never After Dark

Series 3: Never After Dark

Location: Europe (Greece, Italy, Monaco)

Shifters: white tigers

Family: Tiero

Only After Dark by Elle Thorne

Series 4: Only After Dark

Location: New Orleans, Louisianas

Shifters: white tigers

Family: Arceneaux 

Barely After Dark by Elle Thorne

Series 5: Barely After Dark

Location: Bear Canyon Mountain Range

Shifters: bear


Do you remember Mae from Bear Canyon Valley? Now, we’re going to learn about three of her nephews!

Ever After Dark by Elle Thorne

Series 6: Ever After Dark

Location: Italy

Shifters: bear

Family: Tiero

Shifters Forever After by Elle Thorne

Series 7: Shifters Forever After

Location: New York & Russia

Shifters: polar bears

Forever After Dark

Series 8: Forever After Dark

Location: Denver, Colorado

Shifters: elemental black panthers 

Family: Brazos 

Shifters Forever More by Elle Thorne

Series 9: Shifters Forever More

Location: Bear Canyon Valley

Shifters: grizzly bears


Finally After Dark by Elle Thorne

Series 10: Finally After Dark

Dire wolves. Valkyrie. Berserkers!



This one seems like an interesting read! The origin story of shifters in this universe! The last book in this series, Savage, was just published late fall of last year (2022) – that is why this series doesn’t come in a boxset yet. You know, just incase you were wondering. 

Shifters Forever World's by Elle Thorne. Long pin
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