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Wrinkled by Mariah Montoya. A Book Review

Wrinkled: A Collection of Fairy Tales After Happily Ever After by Mariah Montoya

Author: Mariah Montoya

Published: May 2023


Narrators: third person POV

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Length: 389 pages

Goodreads rating: 4.83

Amazon rating: N/A


Cinderella is now Queen and Snow runs a high fashion magazine called Fairest!


Find out what happens to ten (10) famous fairy tale characters after they recieved their happily ever after.

My Review

Fans of Disney will just adore this book – newly released on May 27, 2023!


Ever wonder what happened to your favorite Disney characters after their happily ever after?


A different world where Cinderella is now Queen, Snow runs a high fashion magazine, and Robin Hood is in disguise.


I enjoyed this book so much! It was such a fun read! Such an interesting take! It’s a darker story… not *exactly* a happy ending for everyone involved.


It says “collection”… so it is multiple stories but is read as one. Definitely multiple POVs.


Some TWs to take note of:
– che@ting
– misc@rri@ge
– deaths


There may be some that I missed but the first two are just quick mentions. Just a sentence each.

A book review of Wrinkled by Mariah Montoya


If you’re a fan of Disney, definitely read this book! 


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